Precise attendance and time tracking

Precise time tracking

Save money with our timekeeping solutions. Pay your employees for time actually worked.

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Accurate timekeeping

Your employees punch in and out. The actual punches are compared to the planned schedule. Late arrivals and breaks that are too long are indicated by colors.

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Poinçon précis et intelligent
Precise and intelligent punch

Precise and intelligent punch

The punch knows the schedule of all employees, manages breaks, meals and shift changes!

  • Viewing of schedules

  • Punch for breaks and meals

  • Start and end of shift punch

  • Color code for time sheets

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Plusieurs supports de pointage
Plusieurs supports de pointage

Multiple punch methods

You can choose from several pointing methods to point out the presence of your employees (photo + optional GPS position).

  • Punch on an Emprez touch screen

  • Punch on the Emprez mobile application

  • Punch on a tablet or a computer

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Tools designed to reduce your work time

A smart punch directly linked to the schedule and timesheets to automate the tracking of your employees' attendance.

Survey tool

Retention and satisfaction of your staff as a priority

Emprez has partnered with Cible Recherche Inc. to offer employee satisfaction surveys and obtain trends in your business.

Outil de sondage

Communication tool

Your messages will be unmistakable

Want to send a message to your employee(s)? 
Create private or public messages that the employee will view when punching in.

Outil de communication

GPS position

Control a remote pointing with GPS points

If you allow the use of a phone to punch, you will have the GPS coordinates of the location where the punching was done! (Can be deactivated)

Position GPS

Picture of your employee

Avoid having one employee punch for another

When the employee punches, the punch takes a picture and makes it available to the manager who will control the time sheets. (Can be deactivated)

Photographie de votre employé

Exceptional customer assistance

As soon as you sign up, we offer you full support to help you master the software completely and independently.

Afterwards, our customer service team is there to serve you!

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