Employee attendance
optimization software

  • Easy scheduling
  • Precise time tracking
  • Calculation of premiums
  • Payroll automation

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Emprez automates redundant tasks related to managing your employees’ schedules and calculating different elements of pay

Cloud-based Tool

  • Schedules easy to manage, including the import of predefined shifts and shifts to fill
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  • Electronic punche automatically calculates the times to be paid
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  • Electronic transfer to payroll system, without data manipulation
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Calculating the hours to be paid is long and tedious?

Emprez takes care of it! The simple fact of approving the time worked generates the complete calculation of the amounts payable. Hours worked, amounts due for statutory holidays, hourly premiums, overtime, everything is calculated for you, automatically!

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Schedules are
a headache?

Emprez manages the availability of your employees, vacation requests, etc. Create schedules easily and publish! Your employees view their schedule on their phone, all in real time. They want to exchange shifts between them? Subject to your approval, it’s child’s play!

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Premiums are difficult
to calculate?

The premiums created in Emprez are calculated automatically. The premiums paid include: i) position premiums, ii) shift premiums iii) hourly premiums, and iv) cumulative premiums. An employee is scheduled, punches, and all premiums are calculated by Emprez upon approval of the time worked.

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You manage
several locations?

With Emprez an employee can work in one or more locations. He can use the same punch code or card / token, but Emprez will recognize that he works in a different location. The cost information will be exported to your payroll service appropriately.

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The payroll master
is overwhelmed?

Pay is often stressful because i) managers are late sending time sheets, and ii) the calculation of pay which is based on these hours is complicated and time consuming. Emprez automates everything, making this person’s work a breeze!

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You want a complete picture
of your labor costs?

Since Emprez manages all information on hours worked and labor costs, the information is available at your fingertips! Does your payroll service export to your General Ledger? Emprez provides the information it needs! You use Nethris or EmployerD? Even better!

You can’t export the data
in your payroll service?

You enter the information individually in your payroll service? You lose a lot of time, and you are at risk of making mistakes… Emprez creates a complete export file that you can use in manipulation. Do you use EmployerD or Nethris? Even simpler!

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You pay for time not
actually worked?

Whether careless or not, some of your employees regularly arrive late, or take meals or breaks too long. Let Emprez manage these situations through precise automatisms, and make avoid paying for time not worked!

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You don’t know
where to start?

No problem! Our team has implemented hundreds of businesses over the past few years, and the process is very simple! You can trust us.

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Useful gems

These elements greatly simplify your task! Whether for scheduling, hours worked or payroll management


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Team member

I have been using Emprez for a few years, and my work is greatly simplified. My stress level has dropped significantly!

Chantal, Senior Payroll Manager, seniors' residences (400 employees)

Emprez manages schedules very efficiently, and its integration with payroll elements saves us precious time.

Louis, VP Operations, retail chain of 9 stores (500 employees)

Full integration with our payroll system eliminates the need for data transcription, which greatly reduces errors. Excellent service.

Isabelle, Payroll master manufacturing plant

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