Payroll automation

Payroll automation

Payroll data is automatically generated and can be exported.
 Avoid retranscription and calculation errors.

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Payroll data is generated automatically

Actual punches are compared to the planned schedule. Managers approve or adjust timesheets. 
Time to pay is calculated automatically.

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Exportation simple
Exportation simple

Simple export to your payroll system

Data is formatted for export to your current payroll system. 
Get accurate time worked and premiums calculations. Avoid any retranscription of data.

  • Secure link to your payroll service

  • Calculation of time worked and premiums

  • Automated transcription

Compatible payroll services Compatible payroll services
Rapport de gestion

Management report

Numerous management reports to help you manage labor costs and attendance are just a few clicks away.

  • List of premiums associated with employees

  • Calculation of holidays

  • Cost per day

  • Emprez BI Module to go further

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Efficient and precise tools for a serene payroll processing

Once the timesheets are validated, the calculation of the payroll and the associated premiums is done automatically. All you have to do is export the payroll to your payroll department in a few clicks!

Bi-directional communication

Users of Nethris or EmployeurD, avoid double entry of information

Create your employees in the payroll system, and import into Emprez. Once the payroll data is calculated by Emprez, the information is uploaded to the payroll system without manipulation.

Communication bidirectionnelle

Vacation management

Automatic data export

Vacations (days and allowances) are managed by Emprez. Simply scheduling the employee on vacation and approving the hours calculates the amounts to be exported to payroll.

Vacation management

Import of pay stubs, Relevé 1 and T4

Automate the transmission of documents to your employees

Create the document from the payroll service and import it into Emprez. The documents are available to employees via the APP.

Importation talons de paie, Relevés 1 et T4

Batch wage adjustment

Don't waste your time on a case-by-case basis

Employee salaries are adjusted in batch to minimize data entry.

Ajustement de salaires en lot

Exceptional customer assistance

As soon as you sign up, we offer you full support to help you master the software completely and independently.

Afterwards, our customer service team is there to serve you!

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