Electronic punch automatically calculates the amounts payable

Employees punch, and the approval of time worked calculates the pay automatically

Punched times are compared to the schedule, allowing Emprez to use automatic adjustment rules. Approve, and voila!

Late arrivals or breaks too long are indicated by color codes, which quickly highlights delinquent employees

Useful gems

These elements greatly simplify the task of business operators!

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Team member

I have been using Emprez for a few years, and my work is greatly simplified. My stress level has dropped significantly!

Chantal, Senior Payroll Manager, seniors' residences (400 employees)

Emprez manages schedules very efficiently, and its integration with payroll elements saves us precious time.

Louis, VP Operations, retail chain of 9 stores (500 employees)

Full integration with our payroll system eliminates the need for data transcription, which greatly reduces errors. Excellent service.

Isabelle, Payroll master, manufacturing plant