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5 tips to simplify employee leave management

Each company manages with more or less ease the schedule of its employees and their holidays. Paper or computer requests, updating of schedules, communication between departments… In the event of poor management, absences can lead to real disasters. Fortunately, there are now digital tools like Emprez, easy to use, accessible and quick to execute to automate planning. Business manager or HR, find out how to simplify the management of employee leave in 5 tips!



1 – Anticipate requests and carry out a retroplanning

It goes without saying that most employees want to take their holidays during the holidays such as Christmas or during the summer seasons such as major school holidays. Anticipating is therefore a must to avoid being overwhelmed by requests at the last moment, even when they were foreseeable.

Also, it is possible to establish a time – once or twice a year – during which you ask your employees to project themselves. This can be done individually, by interview; or grouped, by email.



2 – Establish clear and objective rules


It is up to the employer to arrange the schedules and whether or not to accept leave requests. Problems relating to the management of working time often stem from a misunderstanding, so it is important to communicate on the rules and criteria set for the allocation of vacations.

Avoid a flood of questions from employees about their available time with reliable, secure and transparent access to their time bank. Discussing, exchanging together and sharing feelings makes it possible to understand the company’s objectives and its constraints.



3 – Get regular information on time banks


Frequently taking a look at the balances of leave taken and available is a rule of thumb. This habit makes it possible to anticipate the request for leave and to manage time on a day-to-day basis, without being overwhelmed.

To do this, consult the updated time banks and inform your collaborators.

Tell them if they have excess time or if they risk losing days not taken, and not necessarily compensated.



4 – Hire to maintain the activity


During periods of massive leave for your permanent employees, do you find that the activity remains stable or even increases? In this case, hiring can be an excellent solution! CDD, temporary or seasonal, vacation times are full of young people available and motivated to work. Likewise, you could identify new talent to join the company.

Save recruiting time by sharing job vacancies internally. Thus, some employees will surely have someone they know to recommend to you.



5 – Use the tools adapted to the management of working time


Several digital spreadsheets such as Excel allow you to make spreadsheets to total employee hours. However, they are not specialized in human resources, which multiplies your work when it is necessary to transmit individual data to each employee. To overcome this, the best solution is to use suitable, complete and optimized management software.



In short


Managing leave and absences can be a challenge for businesses. Luckily, there are digital tools like Emprez that can help automate scheduling and simplify managing those absences. It is important to anticipate requests for leave, to establish clear and objective rules, to obtain regular information on time banks, to hire to maintain the activity during periods of leave and to set up a effective communication to avoid work time management problems.


Emprez is the guarantee of time and energy savings. Easy scheduling, precise time tracking, calculation of premium or payroll automation, managing employee working time has never been easier. Check out a free demo now!

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